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SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd

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SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd

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SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd provides extensive knowledge of the financial market for those aiming to enhance their existing wealth, or seeking advice on managing newly found wealth to build security for both themselves and their families. Our expertise provides the cornerstones for successful investment planning.

Driven by our desire to strengthen the foundations of financial stability for our clients, we plan and implement effective and efficient solutions to create wealth and financial security for this generation and the next.

A Client Testimonial

From the moment I walked through the doors of SeventySeven I felt more than a Client, I felt very lucky and special. The welcome I receive from all SeventySeven colleagues each time I visit is genuine and friendly. Colleagues spend time getting to know and understand me, so the advice and guidance I receive is not just financially prudent but tailored to my own very personal and individual needs. The expertise of SeventySeven is impeccable and colleagues have never rushed me into making an investment decision unless I feel absolutely comfortable.

I am a perfectionist and a stickler for efficiency and SeventySeven do what they say they will do, if they say they will send me information, I receive it the next working day…impressive!

Recently I sent a long panicky email about my Pensions to SeventySeven because I knew they would give me honest advice, and that afternoon I received a call reassuring me and talking me through my worries and questions…the Pensions weren’t even invested with SJP…what a truly incredible service.

I have deliberately remained anonymous to protect my own privacy, but it is without hesitation I recommend SeventySeven unreservedly. SeventySeven is “cutting edge” …and I’ve tried quite a few Financial Advisers in my time!

I particularly value my regular 1:1 review meetings with my dedicated SeventySeven Adviser who is also frequently at the end of the telephone or email; but I also appreciate invitations to their seminars and workshops which keep me updated with latest legislation and generic investment advice - these are informative and helpful, the welcome I continue to receive is second to none, the efficiency of the whole team is flawless and the expertise is of the highest standard…I feel safe, valued…and I suppose more importantly my investments are growing very healthily!

I know SeventySeven should be privileged to have me as a Client, but I actually feel very privileged to be supported and guided by SeventySeven.

JUNE 2018

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SeventySeven Wealth Management are hosting other Wealth Management seminars which may better suit your needs.

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At SeventySeven Wealth Management we take pride in keeping you up-to-date with the latest wealth management developments. Every year we organise seminars on all aspects of wealth management at beautiful locations and invite you to lunch with us after to digest and discuss the content.

To book your place on one of our seminars, register your details on in the form provided. If you wish to contact us to discuss any special requirements or to find out more information about any of our upcoming seminars, please contact us on the details below.

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