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We at SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd pride ourselves on delivering a high level of excellence. We base our business on a set of underlying core values that are part of all of us at SeventySeven.

They highlight what we stand for, they represent our unique and individual essence. These values guide our behaviour, providing us with a personal code of conduct and when honouring these core values consistently, we experience total fullfilment and we believe our clients do as well.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


At the heart of our moral principles lies the importance of integrity.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


We are committed to providing the best service possible for our clients.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


Delivering our services efficiently is paramount to our success.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


Our reliable and dedicated team always put our clients needs first.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


Our honest approach helps provide complete transparency for our clients.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


You can depend on us to act in our clients best interests in everything we do.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


We have the utmost respect for our clients and strive to exceed their expectations.

SeventySeven Wealth Management


We remain loyal to our clients by putting them and their needs first, year-in-year-out.

Our Vision

Our Vision at SeventySeven is to deliver our Mantra in all we do ‘committed to excellence’ - this is in our DNA as a team.

  • We aspire to be a leading financial business.
  • We seek to create an environment for our staff that is leading in all it offers from our working environment to the development and training, all of which is to the highest of industry standards.
  • To be a business that others aspire to work with in Partnership with.
  • To use technology to support our core values and client service standards – technology shall never hinder or inconvenience.
From every touch-point we have as a business – we are striving to lead as an example to our staff, clients and Partners that being part of SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd is a business focused on delivering the very best experience. The success of our business is built on our clients’ satisfaction.

The world of Financial Services and making the correct decision can often be overwhelming: our business with our highly skilled team is here to look after you.

No two clients are ever the same and tailoring our support begins with the very first impression, whether you enquire and visit us digitally or become aware of us via our many seminars or events.

Our History
SeventySeven Wealth Management

SeventySeven Wealth Management was formed from the passion of Paul Luetchford, James Luetchford and David Summers, formerly Advisers of Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd and Jamie Dixon who has an incredible track record for business growth and delivering business excellence.

As a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, SeventySeven Wealth Management are able to offer clients some of the best products in the market, which are always evolving. Adele Abbott, also formerly of Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd., leads the dedicated administration team who are passionate about every step of the client’s journey.

In today's ever changing world, providing the most personal care to our clients has never been so important. In our experience, we have learned that one of life’s old challenges for people is still 'making money'.

However, in today’s complex and fast changing world, things have moved on and it’s just as much about ‘keeping hold of it’. This is why, as Wealth Managers, we know it is important to create a robust financial plan to help you build and preserve your long-term prosperity. We provide a full range of solutions from the complexities of investment strategy, estate planning and Inheritance Tax mitigation to retirement planning and general tax planning. Furthermore, over the years we have forged close links with other professional establishments including highly respected accountancy practices, law firms and stockbrokers, giving our clients a depth of resource and expertise.

This range of experience will enable us to work closely with you to develop effective strategies to help you not only grow your wealth but, just as importantly, keep it. SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd is a unique business placed in the heart of the South East, designed to provide existing and prospective St. James's Place clients the ultimate experience for their needs.

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount invested.

Our Heritage

As a business, as individuals and as a company, at our heart is always our moral compass, which is to simply always do the right thing. Engaging with a business that takes care of your financial needs is a huge decision, which is why SeventySeven Wealth Management Ltd has been designed to support you and your family on this journey.

As a Senior Partner Practice of St. James's Place we want to ensure that whatever your world brings the words SeventySeven will give you the peace of mind that you need. To put another way, it’s all about good old-fashioned values and innovative thinking.

We try to find better, easier ways of doing things that seem difficult, so that our clients and those that consider working with us, actually enjoy their experience and feel like they and their needs come first.